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In consideration of this connection, I / we hereby agree to pay for all water furnished through said connection by meter measurement in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Authority now in force or hereafter adopted, making them a part of this application, and request a 3/4 inch meter and dual check valve be supplied for the above premises. The Authority shall not be held liable for its failure to supply water under pressure, or in any quantity, or of any particular quality. The Authority and its duly authorized employees shall have the right at all reasonable hours to inspect any pipes, fixtures, meters, and the use of water at said premises.

I / We further agree to be responsible for all payments for water service at
the premises described above from the date service under this application is
commenced until service is terminated by my written notice.

I / We further agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Authority,
as amended from time to time.

Property owners shall be held responsible for damage to water mains, curb
boxes, valve boxes, meters, blow off pipes, and fire hydrants due to negligence
by themselves or their agents.

In presenting this petition to the Supervisors, I/we acknowledge the legal
right of the said Supervisors to levy an annual tax upon our properties for the
maintenance of such fire hydrants.


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